• There are some who survive the test of time, and then there are others who simply fade away. It would not be an exaggeration to say that Campion Academy has truly overcome all the blocks that time has thrown at it, going through tremendous change, over the period of 25 long years. 
  • When the institution started in 1995, it was a pioneer in +2 education. Realizing the dire needs of the students in Nepal for higher secondary level education, it was established by two visionaries –  Mr. Josh Niraula and Mr. Kailash Dewan. 
  • Campion Academy was named after Saint Edmund Campion, honoring the sacrifices that he made to educate the needy. The founders and the leaders who drove the academy all these years toiled to create and maintain the legacy that the school is so proud of at the moment. 
  • In 2008, Campion Academy became a proud member of CG | Education, and under its leadership achieved so many goals. The ally ultimately resulted in the institution becoming one of the premium ones in the entire country, and the number one choice of SEE graduates.
  • Around the same time, Campion Academy also started offering Cambridge’s A Level program to further fulfill the need of an advanced degree of the secondary level graduates. At the moment, Campion provides both +2 (now changed to SLC) and A Level education.
  • Over the years, the name and status of +2 education changed, the people joined, contributed, and left, the institutions emerged and disappeared, while Campion Academy stayed the same in its principles, and evolved in its ways. Here’s to 25 more glorious years of Campion Academy.

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