Admission Process at Campion Academy

Hello Students & Parents,


With the admissions of Grade XI knocking at the door, we are receiving various enquiries regarding the admission process we follow at Campion Academy for Grade XI and A Level intake. Today, I am going to share the information necessary to enroll with us.

First thing first

Make sure about the subject/s you wish to choose for your higher studies. Many a times we see that the students reaching us are not clear about the subject options. While choosing the subject/s be sure about your strengths and weaknesses. Also it will be very helpful, if you know what career path you are made up for!

For securing a seat at Campion Academy, physical visit to the premises is advisable. Once here, you will know about everything in detail including a guided tour of the school. We are open from 07:00 AM to 05:00 PM for official visits. During holidays, you need to call in advance for booking a tour and counselling session.

We have an experienced counseling team with members excelling in guiding the students for further studies as well as the right choices for their career. If you are not sure what subject or stream to choose, you can request for counseling on your first visit.


To be able to study at Campion, you must register yourself for the entrance test and the eligibility test. The entrance test is conducted only once for the CG Education Scholarships and the eligibility test is done for regular intake of the students as and when they come for registration. Depending on the outcome of the test and availability of the seat, registration is done. Students competing for the CGE Scholarship are notified for an interview, if they are eligible for our scholarship schemes.


Campion Academy offers scholarships to the deserving students under different criteria. Meritorious students can opt for CGE Scholarship by filling up entrance form available in our website or by visiting the school. We also provide scholarship based on the GPA scored in the SEE exam and for the ECA/CCA excellence, Social services and various other criteria announced by the government. Students requesting a scholarship for any other category than merit must produce original certificates, recommendations and citations.


Though we try to accommodate every aspiring student during the admission, it becomes very difficult for us to take every one in the program. Unlike other schools in the surroundings, we take only 200 students every year and with thousands of students competing for these seats, we have to disappoint many. But Campion is known for its 28 years’ history of holistic education and quality becomes a choice more than the quantity. It is so that very few become fortunate to be the Campionites and wear the badge of this prestigious institution.

Once approved for admission, an offer letter is provided to each student and they should complete the process within 3 days after that. Most of the seats in A Level and +2 are booked before the announcement of the SEE results and the remaining formalities are completed as soon as the results are out.

I hope this article was helpful in satisfying the queries of all the students and parents community looking to start a new journey at Campion Academy.

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