Best +2 College/School in Lalitpur

SEE is known as the iron gate and graduating from SEE is one of the major achievements in everybody’s life. After graduating from SEE, you have a plethora of colleges to choose from. Among many such colleges, Campion Academy has stood out as one of the best colleges in +2 college/school in Lalitpur. Now, there are many reasons why Campion Academy can be considered one of the best +2 colleges/schools in Lalitpur.

In this blog, we discuss some of the key reasons behind Campion Academy being one of the best +2 colleges/schools in Lalitpur. So with this in mind, let’s get started.

Experienced and Friendly Teaching Faculties

At Campion Academy, we take immense pride in our highly qualified and experienced teaching faculty. Our teachers are highly experienced and are passionate about sharing their knowledge and experience. Therefore, along with providing knowledge based on the books, our teaching faculties are eager to share their experience to provide you with first-hand experience regarding the happenings outside the books. Furthermore, our teachers are friendly and easy to approach. This makes our teaching faculty easy to talk to and share your concerns regarding your education. These aspects combine to ensure that every student has an equal approach to our teaching faculties and gets personalised guidance. This ensures that every student receives personalised attention and guidance, enabling them to excel academically and develop a love for learning.

Support Classes

We understand that every student has unique learning needs and requirements. Therefore Campion Academy offers support classes customised to individual strengths and weaknesses. Our faculty members conduct support classes to provide assistance and support to students who need extra help in specific subjects or concepts. These support classes are designed to ensure that no student is left behind be it in course or life. Furthermore, our support classes at Campion Academy, also ensure that every one of our students has an equal opportunity to achieve their academic goals.   

Creative Clubs

One of the key reasons why Campion Academy is one of the best +2 colleges/schools in Lalitpur is because of our creative clubs. At Campion, we believe that college life extends beyond the classroom walls. Therefore, we offer a wide range of creative clubs including art, music, and drama. These creative clubs are designed to allow you to enhance your artistic potential and develop new skills. Furthermore, our creative clubs also promote teamwork and leadership skills. Therefore, by engaging in these activities, you can develop new connections and enhance your creativity.

Career and Abroad Studies Counselling

We understand that starting your education in +2 is just the start of your journey. Therefore, we also offer you career and abroad studies counselling ensuring that you can make informed decisions after graduating from our +2 programs. Our career counsellors work closely with you to understand your future goals, strengths, and interests. Once they get a clear image of where you wish to be in the future, they provide you with customised counselling sessions informing you about the process and steps you must take to reach your career and abroad education goals. With their valuable insights and personalised guidance, you can identify suitable universities, navigate the application process, and find the correct path to move forward.

Digital Classroom

We live in a technological age where everything revolves around the latest tech updates, and Campion Academy understands this very well. Therefore, our college has integrated digital classrooms into our educational infrastructures. These state-of-the-art facilities enhance the learning experience through interactive whiteboards, multimedia presentations, and online resources. You can engage with the content in an immersive manner which further speeds up comprehension and promotes an interactive learning environment. Additionally, it also promotes better interaction between teachers and students enhancing the overall educational ambience of Campion Academy.

Science and Computer Labs

At Campion Academy, we understand that theoretical knowledge is just one aspect of education. Therefore, we have fully furnished science and computer labs ensuring that you can put your theoretical knowledge into practice. Our labs are designed to provide you with hands-on experience and the opportunity to apply your knowledge in real-world scenarios. These labs are designed to develop curiosity, experimentation, and problem-solving skills. Furthermore, through our fully equipped science and computer labs, we also ensure that our students are well-prepared for future academic and professional journeys ahead.

100% Results in Board Exam

One of the key reasons why Campion Academy is among the best +2 colleges/schools in Lalitpur is our exceptional results. At Campion Academy, we take high pride in having the capability to produce 100% results in every board exam. This is partly thanks to our faculty and curriculum. This achievement is also a testament to the hard work and determination of our students. The ideal combination of comprehensive facilities, experience, and dedication has resulted in our college being one of the best +2 colleges with a complete rate of passing.

Roof-Top Indoor Sports Center

At Campion Academy, we understand that college life is not just about education, it is also about having fun. Therefore, we house a roof-top indoor sports centre, allowing our students to engage in physical activities whenever they do not have classes. Our indoor sports centre offers you a great way to stay healthy and enjoy physical sports. Furthermore, our sports centre also allows our students to socialise and develop their network while enjoying the joy of sports. This exceptional facility not only promotes an active lifestyle but also fosters teamwork, sportsmanship, and a sense of community among our students.

Basketball and Futsal Ground With an Experienced Coach

Complementing our indoor sports centre, Campion Academy boasts a dedicated basketball and futsal ground, where students can indulge in their passion for these popular sports. Under the guidance of experienced coaches, our students have the opportunity to hone their skills, develop teamwork, and cultivate a competitive spirit. These facilities not only contribute to physical fitness but also instil valuable life lessons in discipline, perseverance, and sportsmanship.


Choosing the ideal college to join after SEE can be a tough decision to make. There are after all many colleges for you to choose from. Among many such colleges, Campion Academy stands out among the rest as one of the best +2 colleges/schools in Lalitpur. This college has a team of experienced and friendly teaching faculties, support classes, creative clubs, career, and abroad studies counselling, and more.

In this blog, we explored some of the key reasons why Campion Academy is one of the best +2 colleges/schools in Lalitpur. We hope you found this helpful. If you want further insights into the world of Campion Academy, do check out some of our other blogs. And if you want to enrol in the best + 2 college in Lalitpur, look no further than Campion Academy.

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